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If being insulted and mocked by wait staff is your idea of a good time, then making a reservation at Karen’s Diner should be high on your list of things to do when going out to eat. Karen’s Diner has been called an “immersive, pop-up eating experience” that you shouldn’t miss if you want to complain as you eat.
Karen’s Diner, a novel and engaging fast-food franchise with locations in Australia and the United Kingdom, operates under the tagline “Great Food, Terrible Service.” If you haven’t already guessed, the term is a play on the common American slang for an unpleasant and entitled middle-aged client who is never content and demands to speak with the manager about the most minor concerns. 
Some smart people came to the conclusion that this is the kind of attitude that restaurant workers should have if they want to give their customers an experience they will never forget.
In October last year, Sydney, Australia, became the site of the first Karen’s Diner anywhere on the globe. According to management, ten new Karen’s Diner sites are planned for the next year, including restaurants in Los Angeles and New York.
Several guests who have tried the restaurant’s gastronomic pleasures — and “terrible service"—have posted online about their dining experience. And the establishment is becoming popular with customers.
Exactly what kind of food does Karen’s Diner serve? Expect your orders to get jumbled up and to dispute with the waiters about it, to receive a ludicrously tiny birthday cake if you’re courageous enough to spend your birthday here, and to be forced to participate in a “worst-dressed visitor” contest. It’s the “rude waiters with non-existent manners” that you should be wary of the most.
“At Karen’s, you will be welcomed and waited upon by rude servers who, in return, expect you to give as good as you get, in other words, the full Karen attitude,” the chain’s website claims. "A place where you can complain until the cows come home because we literally don’t care.”
Sally Quinn, who had lunch at the Sydney recently, told the Australian publication The Age that the waiter yelled at them to sign in, tossed their menus on the table, and mocked her daughter’s hair. The waiter then left his table in the middle of taking orders. He "accidentally" knocked over a customer's bag and cursed or made angry gestures at anyone who asked about their food.
A spokesperson for the company stated, “It’s all about Karen at this restaurant, and she won’t put up with any foolishness from you, so don’t bother coming here expecting any special treatment. Here’s your chance to let loose and experience the full extent of the staff’s Karen potential by helping them tap into their own inner Karen.”
If you can stomach the terrible service, you must try this diner. And whatever you do, don’t even think about requesting a refund!

I write about news, relationships, and business.
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