Angry rant from a Neenah Bath & Body Works customer goes viral on TikTok nearly 10 years after the original video was posted – Post-Crescent

Nearly 10 years after she originally posted the NSFW YouTube video “I MIGHT Boycott Bath & Body Works RANT!” Fox Cities resident Az4angela’s recording is going viral again because of an imitation rant on TikTok.
And she loves it. “I love that I get to connect with so many amazing people on the internet,” Az4angela said Wednesday, adding that she still posts regularly on her YouTube channel.
This isn’t the first time the Neenah woman’s 11-minute video has made the rounds on the internet. It’s not even the first time someone’s copied it. 
But the video — which describes Az4angela’s quest to find Winter Candy Apple and Iced Gingerbread scented candles at several Bath & Body Works stores along the Interstate 41 corridor — has found its wings again on TikTok. 
A TikTok user who goes by the handle @the.localhedgewitch posted her imitation of Az4angela’s rant in five parts, beginning last week. The last part went up on Monday. The first video garnered over 7 million views.
Many TikTok users described the Texas woman’s imitation of the original video as spot-on. During part two, she even showed off a Peach Bellini candle in each hand, the same way Az4angela did.
Actor Patton Oswalt retweeted the imitation video, saying, “My god this should be taught in acting classes.”
In a NSFW response posted Monday on TikTok, @the.localhedgewitch said she saw the original video so much she “accidentally memorized it.” 
She said she has ADHD and autism and she “hyperfixated” on Az4angela’s video as a younger person. As a result, it only took about an hour of practice before she was able to imitate the video “word for word, gesture for gesture.” 
“It was a little bit of practice, but mostly hyperfixation,” she said with a laugh. 
In the meantime, the original rant video has racked up over 3 million views in the past decade. Though her original issue with the candles has long been resolved, Az4angela embraced her viral fame, referencing her video in her bio on multiple social media platforms.
She said that @the.localhedgewitch’s video series is “one of the best things to happen” from her original rant. “I had to put my phone down, I was laughing so hard,” she said.
As for the workers at the Appleton Bath & Body Works, she hopes they are doing well.
“Bath & Body Works continues to be one of my favorite stores,” she said. “I never stopped shopping there and I’m sure glad I didn’t.”
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